We are happy to present to our players our new grand Catholicism trivia quiz!

This quiz on Catholicism will definitely be both useful and engaging for your inquiring minds! There is a huge amount of various religions in the modern world, but of course there are some of them that can be considered the pillars of the contemporary religious communities, Christianity and Catholicism among them. Representing one of the major branches of Christian churches, Catholicism opposes itself to the other branches – Orthodox churches and Protestant churches – stating that they are not churches at all because of their traditions that neglect some of the Catholic fundamental truths. It is a hard task for the true experts in the religious sphere to trace the numerous specific aspects that are common for Catholicism and to distinguish between Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches, customs and beliefs. If you aren’t afraid of the challenge – you are most welcome to take part in our unbelievable Catholicism trivia game!

The task isn’t going to be simple – but the award for the best player of the week can be earned by the strongest players and the most inquisitive minds only! You will have to face tricky questions about the history of Catholicism and its most faithful adherents, the differences between the Latin Church and Eastern Catholic Churches, about the establishment of Anglicanism and Protestantism, and about many other significant events and facts connected with this undoubtedly great branch of faith. Will you dare to try our Catholicism quiz and answer all of them?

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