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We all have read the Bible and some of us can even quote whole verses from this sacred book. Sometimes it’s difficult to interpret separate phrases as they are ambiguous. This Old Testament quiz will provide you with accurate interpretation of the most challenging quotes and load your mind with interesting facts you have never heard of! Nowadays the Bible is available in all the existing languages, but few of us know that the Old Testament was written in Yiddish and only some parts of it in Aramaic, and the New Testament was written in Greek. Only some people were allowed to rewrite sacred books. To check whether there were any mistakes in the rewritten texts, a special system was invented. It counted the letters and words in each roll. Thus we know that the sum of letters in the Old Testament is equal to 1,152,207 – isn’t it a great piece of knowledge that you can put to test by taking our Old Testament quiz?

Speaking about the attitude of other religions to this sacred book, we should say that although Islam considers the texts of the Old Testament corrupted and blames those who were the last to rewrite them, it recognizes their sanctity. So, it’s no use arguing whether this or that Bible is more truthful as all of them are sacred. Old Testament free and easy trivia game is also aware of the statistics! According to the calculations, David is mentioned 1,118 times in the Bible, Abraham’s wife Sarah – 56 times. If you still haven’t read the Holy Book, Zadavaka informs you that one needs 38 hours to read the Old Testament. Find more answers in Old Testament free quiz questions!

A well-educated and a tolerant person should also possess some knowledge of other religions. Answer Protestantism quiz questions and Catholicism quiz questions to understand the difference between these religions and the one of yours!

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