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The Christian Bible consists of two parts – the Old Testament and the New Testament. Books of the Old Testament had been written for more than 1,000 years B.C. in Hebrew. They are canonical and apocryptical. The main difference between them is that canonical books are older (XV-V centuries B.C.) and apocryptical (it means not included into the canon) were written later – IV-I centuries B.C. Books of the New Testament were written in Greek in the 1st century A.D. It took a long time to create the Old Testament canon. The first collector of sacred books is considered to be Jewish scribe and priest Ezra (V century B.C.) In spite of the opinions of some people, the Bible is not a textbook in Cosmogony, Science or History. It is not a scientific, but a religious book. So, the most valuable facts in it are not natural and scientific ones, but the things God wanted to say about himself to his people. Check how well you know the book of all times and nations with The Holy Bible quiz questions.

One might ask who the author of the Bible is. The answer is clear: it is both God and people. God clears up the things that are needindispensable to the salvation of the humanity. Historical authors of the Bible interpreted the words of God and put them in some literary frames typical of this or that time. To read the Bible properly means to be able to distinguish between the human and the divine in it. We have several reasons for you to take Bible free quiz: this book is the most frequently published and translated one, the most popular and prophetical book, it is clear to everybody regardless their level of knowledge and education. There are many more reasons to do it, but let it be a small secret that will be revealed only to those who will take these quiz questions.

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