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To begin with let’s learn some interesting facts about the most sacred place for Christians. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is shared by 6 confessions: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Syrian. Different parts of the church are assigned to each of them. But some, such as the empty tomb (the tomb of Jesus), is used in turns. From the Historical point of view this kind of division was the apple of discord. To avoid this, since the 12th century the keys to the doors of the church have been kept in the Arab-Muslim family of Judah and the right to open and to close them belongs to another Arab family - Nusseibeh. The church itself and the atmosphere of the land have such a great influence on pilgrims that they start behaving in a strange way. It seems to them they are saints and prophets. There is even a name for this phenomenon – it's called 'Jerusalem syndrome'. It may affect people of different religions; according to statistics, 100 pilgrims a year fall victim to the syndrome, 40 of them even get into psychiatric clinics. So, if you have a chance to visit this country, bear in mind the information you will learnt in Christianity quiz questions and try to control yourselves.

Inside every Christian church you will surely see a great number of icons. According to Christian traditions the saints are depicted with a round halo. But still there are pictures in which halos are of other shapes. For instance, they can be triangular. In this case they symbolize the Trinity. A square shape was used if the saint was still alive. If you take Christianity quiz questions, you will also learn who wasn’t allowed to enter the church in the Middle Ages and what measures were taken for them to pray and to listen to sermons.

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