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There are song lines that capture us from the first time we hear them and make us memorize them ewithout realizing that we do. Romantic or routine, comical or lyrical, these lines have overtones and appeal to our emotions and feelings. We search for the words which can express what is hidden in our heart; we try to say something to people important to us using songs because they reflect exactly what we want to convey. In Songs Lyrics quiz you can find bits and pieces of song lyrics collected and accumulated through years by the most sensitive and thoughtful music listeners and fans. Prove how well you know inspiring songs lyrics and the artists who performed them, their best albums and singles. Die-hard addicts and casual listeners - see how you fare in our heartfelt Song Lyrics quiz questions. Test your memory with this multiple choice Songs Quotes quiz - every line is from a famous song, can you identify the correct artist and title in each case?

Meet the challenges of our Song Lyrics quiz! We offer you phrases from the most recognizable songs, for example, do you know who wrote this line: “Can you feel the love tonight”? Not all Song Lyrics quiz questions are so easy! Can you identify the title of a song which contents this line: “Do do dooo do do do do”? This quiz show how much of a fan you are! No cheating!

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