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We all hear phrases from films which we want to repeat again and again because they are comical or lyrical, express our feelings and report the essence of the moment or of the whole life. We collected “cream of the crop” of movie quotes for all those who like not only watching films, but heeding the dialogs and the points of film plot as well. Some film phrases become more recognizable than originally intended. These sayings have captured our attention by the way the phrase was delivered, the chemistry between actors, by their intonations, or something utterly elusive. These unforgettable lines are not necessarily part of major movies, but we know, love and repeat them! Find out how well you know famous film phrases with our Movie Quotes quiz questions!

If you love watching films, you shouldn't miss motivational utterances from some of the greatest movies! Can you name the films from the quotes? There is a sample question for you: in which film can you hear the words "My Mama always said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.'"? If the answer is on your lips already, our inspirational Movie Quotes trivia quiz is perfect for you!

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