Familiarize yourself with wisdom of the past with Latin quotes quiz questions!

Latin set phrases and quotes now, in the 21st century, are as interesting and relevant as they were in the ancient times. They are used almost everywhere: in documents, medicine and in legal matters. Moreover, you can come across them in literature, theatre and cinema. Enrich your speech with intelligent quiz questions on Latin quotes.
Here we can prove that "docere Latinus necesse est...", which means it’s necessary to study Latin. If you do so, later you will easily master French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, as Latin is the basis of many European languages, it develops grammatical thinking and translation skills. In most cases, college students have to study Latin, too, but the problem is they think it’s no use wasting time on the dead language. Even lawyers prejudice the necessity of doing it. Even if nowadays you have many other ways of expressing the thoughts that once appeared in Latin, a well-educated person should be familiar with them, because from the cultural perspective it’s a tradition; from the professional one it is a kind of universal language that is understood all over the world. One of the greatest advantages of Latin set phrases is that they are compact, intellectually capacious and at the same time full of wisdom of the times gone. Everyone knows that when people are a bit drunk they sometimes can’t control themselves or just say everything they think. For this situation there is a very useful phrase in Latin: "Vinum locutum est". It means that the speaker is not the drunk person himself but the wine inside of him. The philosophy of life can be observed in the following quotes: "Vita sine libertate, nihil" (Life without freedom is nothing) and "Vita sine litteris – mors est" (Life without science is death). We have provided a lot of reasons for you to take free quiz questions on Latin quotes. And when you do it, let your motto be: "Veni, vidi, vici!"

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Remember the motto of the Olympic games - "Citius, altius, fortius!" Try your best and win the battle of this week!

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