Feel like a part of a global family with our uniting World Population quiz!

On July 11 our planet celebrates World Population day, a remarkable date that gives us a chance to recall all the records and achievements of the humanity. Although the recent population growth is evident and impressive, people should be aware of the fact that we still have hundreds of problems to fight with, including poverty, diseases, high mortality rate, and many others. During the past decades our world has made a great step forward helping people to live longer and happier lives, and we hope that the tendency will prevail in the coming years, decades, and even centuries! Play our uniting World Population quiz and feel like a part of a global family! When did world population reach 7 billion? What was the median age of the world's population in 2015? How many humans have ever lived on Earth? What is the world's most populous state? Try to give more right answers, and prove you’re not indifferent to what’s going on in the world that surrounds you!

Invite your inquisitive friends to participate and earn more points too! Who of you will answer more tough World Population quiz questions? What was the growth of the world population in the 20th century? When did the population of the world reach one billion? What is the least populous national jurisdiction in the world? How tall was the tallest person in human recorded history? How many babies are born every second? Surprise your close people with your enormous knowledge! Take part in other absorbing Zadavaka’s quizzes like Books quiz or Memorial Day trivia quiz!

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