Answer Wedding quiz today!

There is hardly anything more romantic and memorable than your wedding day. It has many traditions and superstitions linked to it in various cultures. The one thing they share is that a wedding is a focus on happiness, which is why all peoples of the world have different means of warding off evil from the young couple and ensuring their long-standing happiness. Ready to find out if you have heard at least of some of them? Then take our new Wedding Quiz!

What did the bunch of herbs, such as garlic and rosemary, which ancient Roman brides would carry symbolize? Why is it unusual for a bride to wear a white gown in Eastern cultures? Which US city is the top wedding destination? What symbolic food do Sicilians shower their newlywed with? In ancient times, what did guests take from the bride as tokens of good luck? What did the Irish do to ensure the young couple’s fertility? What can a Korean groom ask his happily married friend to make for him? What do women in Egypt do at a wedding to secure a bit of good luck for themselves? What do women in Ethiopian tribes entice a rich groom with? What does the word ‘matrimony’ come from? If you know at least some of the answers, our Wedding Quiz is sure to bring you enough WisePoints!

Apply something old (your knowledge) to learn something new (fresh trivia facts), don’t be shy to borrow WisePoints from Zadavaka, who is certainly the blue thing in this Wedding Quiz, and let the new Wisdom island this quiz helps you to reach be the silver penny – a worthy reward! Good luck!

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