We’re happy to offer you our new healthy, restoring, and irresistible Vegetables quiz!

Vegetables are universally accepted as the healthiest food that gives us lots of energy and vitamins, and helps us keep fit. The number of vegetarians and vegans increases every day, and more and more people throughout the world understand that vegetable food can help them cope with such dangerous diseases as cancer or brain hemorrhage, as well as with dozens of others. We offer you this Vegetables quiz that will both entertain you and reveal the secrets of healthy and tasty vegetarian meals! Which of the following vegetables is consumed in the US more than any other vegetables and fruit? Which US state produces almost all of the broccoli sold in the country? How many pounds of potatoes are eaten by an average American every year? Where were tomatoes first cultivated? Guess the right answers, and enjoy the challenging game!

Invite your friends to play together and find out who of you is more educated in this field! The one who will give more right answers can be called a genuine vegetable expert! How did the French use to call tomato? Which US city is named after onion? Which of the following vegetables was called a "crazy apple"? What is the connection between radishes and Ancient Egyptians? What happens to the nutritional value of vegetables during the cooking process? Prove that you’re knowledgeable enough and can cope with the hardest Vegetables questions we’ve prepared! Take part in other interesting quizzes like Title Tracks trivia quiz or National Symbols of the United States questions quiz!

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