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In 2016 Juno spacecraft launched by NASA in 2011 finally reached Jupiter and inserted into its orbit, thus accomplishing one of the most remarkable tasks in the history of space exploration. We could again feel the vastness of the universe, and be proud of the humankind trying to conquer immense Space. Celebrating the triumph of human wisdom, ingenuity, courage, and curiosity over the unfriendliness and danger of the outer space our team offers you this cosmic Solar System quiz! How many planets are there in the Solar System? Which of the following planets doesn't belong to the Solar System? What is the largest planet in the Solar System? Which object of the Solar System was reclassified as a member of the new "dwarf planet" category in 2006? Answer more tough questions to check if you can call yourself a genuine space explorer!

What if some of your friends wanted to broaden their knowledge too? Invite them to take part in this quiz, and test if they’re as well-educated as they think! What are Saturn's rings made of? What color is Uranus? What is the smallest planet in the Solar System? What is an average surface temperature of Neptune? We’re sure that everyone has a secret desire to be closer to stars, so try to answer our mysterious Solar System questions and fulfill your dream! Take other engaging quizzes compiled by Zadavaka like World Population trivia quiz or Moon questions quiz!

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