Prove you’re an active social media user with our entertaining Social Media questions quiz!

It seems almost unbelievable that social media crashed into our life only several decades ago, because today their popularity is growing every minute. Millions of modern people can’t live a day without checking what's new on Facebook, commenting and liking their friends' photos on Instagram, and retweeting interesting thoughts on Twitter. In 2010, June 30 was chosen as Social Media Day, and as we’re approaching this holiday we offer you this exciting Social Media quiz with the most surprising facts compiled here specially for you! How many people are active on Facebook each month? How many friends in their social networks do the average millennial Facebook users have? What bird is featured in Twitter’s logo? How many Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet? Attempt our enjoyable Social Media questions quiz to learn more about the things that surround us daily!

We offer you to ask your inquisitive friends to play together and to have more fun this way! Guess who of you is more well-informed in the Social Media sphere! What was the most overused word in LinkedIn profiles in 2015? Which of the following social networking services has the largest number of monthly active users? How much time did it take Instagram to get 1 million users? What is the most geotagged city on Instagram? Play more to get the answers, and try other interesting quizzes made by Zadavaka specially for you like Alternative Transportation quiz or Beer trivia game!

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