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There is a common belief that sharks are extremely dangerous animals that claim lives of thousands of people every year. The truth is just the opposite – humans kill millions of sharks annually disregarding the fact that in this way they gradually destroy the fragile ecological balance of water bodies. Shark Awareness Day celebrated on July 14 is aimed at informing people that sharks are not so threatening as they are threatened, and that we should take full responsibility for the wildlife that surrounds us. Uncover more incredible facts about sharks answering our cool questions! How many sharks are killed by humans every year? What is the largest known extant fish species? How many teeth can be grown by sharks in their lifetime? How many bones do sharks have in their bodies? We offer you to participate in this Sharks questions quiz to help you learn more incredible facts about these impressive marine animals!

Would you like to invite your friends to play and have fun together? We’ve got lots of amusing Sharks questions that will entertain you and help you broaden your immense knowledge! What sharks are born with soft heads? When did the first sharks appear? People of what gender are more often attacked by sharks? How many people die during shark attacks annually? Guess the answers and play other thought-provoking quizzes of our website like Wedding quiz or Oceans trivia quiz!

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