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Tall, strong, skillful and good-natured, lumberjack Paul Bunyan is a well-liked US folklore character dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Incredible stories about Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox Babe explain the origins of weather phenomena and famous landmarks. Would you like to see if you know enough about the adventures of the nationally recognized figure? Play our Paul Bunyan quiz and find it out! How many storks did it take to deliver Paul Bunyan to his parents? What landmark was supposedly created when Paul Bunyan's children got dirty and had to be bathed? What made Paul Bunyan's ox Babe turn blue? What was created by Paul Bunyan as a suitable watering hole for Babe the Big Blue Ox? Try to answer these tricky questions to check if you know enough about American fables and legends!

Do your friends want to participate in the game too? Then invite them to try these tough Paul Bunyan quiz questions! Which company created a number of animated Paul Bunyan stories in the 1950s? Which mountain was created by Paul Bunyan in an attempt to put out the fire after camping? Which volcano was created when Paul Bunyan's cousin Big Joe decided to turn a mountain into a giant stove? Guess the right answers and play other compelling trivia games like Russian Language Day quiz or Books question quiz! Prove that you can be called a true literature expert!

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