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Water covers up to 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but how much do we actually know about it? Oceans are an eternal mystery, beautiful and strange; exploring them can open limitless opportunities and stretch imagination. They are deep and huge, attractive and inexplicable, magical and stirring. They constantly surprise us with their animal world and vegetable kingdom. Discover the surprises hidden underneath the water’s surface with our new and easy Oceans quiz! What is the deepest part of the world's oceans? Which color does the male squid turn to warn away other males? Which ocean is the largest in the world? Which ocean was the last to be recognized (by most countries)? Try to answer these tough questions and test your knowledge in the sphere!

Let your friends share the joy of game with you! Invite them to answer other riveting questions, and display their profound knowledge in this field! Which part of the Earth is occupied by oceans? Which percent of life on Earth is aquatic? Which ocean is the shallowest in the world? How long is the longest underwater mountain range? Take part in our gripping Oceans trivia quiz to learn the answers and check if you can call yourself a genuine geography expert! Try other arresting quizzes prepared for you by our team like Endangered Species trivia quiz or World Population questions quiz!

Ask your friends to join in and play together, win extra bonuses, earn hundreds of WisePoints, and fight for the title of the best player of the week!

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