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Every entity that considers itself to be a national community and manifests itself accordingly has one or several national symbols. These symbols are representations of the nation, country’s history, values, or future goals. National symbols can be of different kinds – verbal, visual, iconic; and they are always used profusely during the celebrations of national holidays that are aimed at boosting patriotism. As Independence Day is one of the most vivid examples of patriotic holidays, we offer you to play our new National Symbols of the United States quiz, and see if you know them like the back of your hand! How many arrows does the bald eagle found on the Great Seal of the US hold in its left talon? What is the US national mammal? What is the national floral emblem of the US? What is the title of the national march of the US? Answer these and other tricky questions to check if you know a lot about your country!

Are you sure that your friends can demonstrate their knowledge in this National Symbols of the United States quiz too? Invite them to participate and check it for yourself! What national motto of the US appears in coinage? Which of these names is not a nickname for the American Flag? What is the national bird of the US? What is the national tree of the US? Guess the right answers and take part in other intriguing quizzes like Memorial Day trivia quiz or World Wide Web question quiz!

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