Take part in our mysterious and alluring Moon quiz! Feel like a true astronaut making the first steps on the virgin lunar surface!

Sometimes it seems that we’re dreadfully lonely in the universe, as even the closest planets of our solar system are so far away that we can hardly see any of them in the starry heaven. But the Earth still has an intimate friend, a constant follower, its only natural satellite that illuminates our planet in the darkest nights – the Moon. It’s so close and so far, so bright at night and so dim during the day, so thoroughly explored and still so hostile and unknown despite many attempts of the humankind to investigate it more closely. We offer you to discover the dark side of the Moon with our enigmatic Moon quiz! Try to reveal its inmost mysteries answering our tough questions! Why is the dark side of the Moon called this way? What natural phenomena on the Earth are caused by the Moon? What is the age of the Moon? Is the Moon approaching the Earth or moving away from it? Find the answers to become the winner!

Do you want to compete with your friends and find out who of you can be called a true Moon expert? Guess the true answers to our tricky Moon questions and become the leader of the competition! Does the Moon have a stronger or a weaker gravity than the Earth? How many people walked on the Moon? Does the Moon have any atmosphere? What is the real shape of the Moon? Try other compelling questions that will blow you mind like World Population quiz or Solar System quiz!

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