Answer John the Baptist quiz today!

John the Baptist is a legendary figure in Christianity, and is often considered the forerunner of Jesus Christ. This prophet literally stood at the origins of Christian worship, and gave his life for his beliefs and for the faith that he preached. On June 24 the world is commemorating the remarkable holiday of the Nativity of John the Baptist, and we offer you to join the celebration and try this spiritual St. John the Baptist quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about this eminent Christian saint!

What is John the Baptist famous for? Why was the birth of John the Baptist a true miracle? What were the names of John the Baptist's parents? What happened to John the Baptist's father, when he didn't believe that God would give them a child? In which river was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? What did John the Baptist call Jesus Christ? Which king arrested and imprisoned John the Baptist? Who asked for John the Baptist's beheading? When is the Nativity of John the Baptist celebrated? Who told John the Baptist's parents that they would have a son? You will learn all this and many more edifying details from this enlightening St.John the Baptist quiz.

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