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Hamburger is not only a national food of the United States; it has long become a national symbol! Hamburgers achieved international popularity; and you can hardly find a person who has never tasted a hamburger. Will you prove that you can not only enjoy a hamburger, but surprise your friends with your knowledge about it too? How much did the biggest hamburger ever served weigh? How much was a Big Mac when it was introduced in 1968? What is a hamburger served smothered in red chili or green chili or chili sauce called? What is a hamburger with two patties called? Try to answer all these tricky Hamburger quiz questions to get the title of a real burger master!

What if your friends decided to compete with you in this challenging battle? Let’s check who will better cope with this task! What is the main ingredient of Buffalo burgers? When is National Hamburger Day celebrated? When was the hamburger bun invented? Where is The Hamburger Hall of Fame located? Which alternative name for hamburgers was created during World War I to avoid using words from the German language? We offer you to honor the Hamburger and National Hamburger Day and answer our interesting and tricky Hamburger quiz questions that will certainly make your mouth water! Try other delicious Zadavaka quizzes like Vegetables quiz or Culinary quiz!

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