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When we hear the word "evolution" the first notions that come to our mind are Charles Darwin, his theory of evolution, connection between humans and apes, and "survival of the fittest". Sometimes these categories are so mixed-up that it becomes really hard to understand what the whole issue is about, what Darwin is especially notable for, or why monkeys are sometimes erroneously called our ancestors. What did birds evolve from? Who is known for the expression "survival of the fittest"? How much time has human evolution taken? We offer you to look into the matter and take our Evolution quiz that will both explain the most difficult questions of evolution, and entertain you with the funniest and most engaging evolution facts!

Ask your astute friends to play together and look for the answers to the most challenging Evolution quiz questions we’ve prepared for you! Eyes of what color had most people had until about 10,000 years ago? What is the earliest mammal offshoot from the reptiles? What important idea did Charles Darwin have? The best player can surely be called an evolution expert! Take other interesting quizzes compiled by Zadavaka for his friends like Endangered Species quiz or Solar System quiz!

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