Share our concern about endangered and threatened animals with this absorbing Endangered Species trivia game!

Nature endowed us with infinite resources and a wealth of beauty to feast our eyes upon. Unfortunately, for many centuries people have treated many plant and animal species with disrespect; they suffered from habitat loss, poaching and primitive beliefs in the medicinal power of their bodies. The issue of endangered species is as urgent as ever; with Endangered Species Day observed on May, 20, we could not but create a special quiz devoted to 10 animal species that are now on the brink of extinction. Play our new Endangered Species quiz to raise your awareness of one of the most important and painful environmental problems!

We’ve prepared the most arresting and challenging Endangered Species questions for our inquisitive test-takers to check if you are aware of the sad and alarming situation that is currently developing in the world of wild nature. As of 2016, how many Amur Leopards remain in the wild? What is the peculiarity of the endangered species of the Javan Rhinoceros? What is the nickname for the endangered species of Saola? Stay alert to the delicate situation of threatened animals and try to make your own contribution to environmental protection! Try other nature quizzes like Oceans quiz or Sharks quiz!

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