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Food. . . So much in the word! It is a perfect entertainment, consolation, anti-depressant, discovery, fuel, etc. Some people eat just to boost their energy and keep on doing things; others enjoy buying, cooking, eating every bite and even washing the dishes! Culinary enthusiasts hover about the kitchen all inspired, bursting with ideas and putting them to life with their skillful hands, always inventing new combinations of flavors, foods and spices. Are you one of them? Then our new Culinary Quiz should definitely be your today’s special!

Ready to rummage your kitchen cupboards for hints and your brain for random facts? Then go! When was the tin can invented? What is the chef’s tall hat called? What dog was a specifically bred kitchen assistant? What commonly used item was invented only a little more than a hundred years ago? What is the cross of a spoon, a fork and a knife called? And what did the collective term for all these kitchen items originate from? What condition can beetroot poach water help to cure? Learn all this and even more while playing our delectable Culinary Quiz!

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