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There is nothing more entertaining and edifying, relaxing and stressful, hilarious and distressing, exciting and soothing than books! The smell of the newly printed pages alone can carry you away into the land of dreams, thoughts and adventures even before you become a true reader! Inspired by the amazing power of books, we decided to create a small Books quiz about some of the most interesting facts from the world of literature! Which book was the first to be written with a typewriter? Citizens of what country read the biggest number of books per capita? Which American president read an average of one book per day? Start our inspiring Books quiz to test your bookish knowledge and enrich it!

Invite your friends to compete with you and find out who of you can be called a true bibliophage! When was the oldest cookbook written? Which worldwide bestseller was first published on a fan website? Which writer was mistaken for a vandal when signing on an unannounced autograph session in Australia? Those of your friends who will give more right answers can definitely get the name of the avidest reader! Take more thought-provoking quizzes of our site like Culinary trivia quiz or Russian Language Day quiz!

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