Share the pride of all Americans and try to play our American Eagle Day quiz!

Better known as the American Eagle, the bald eagle became the symbol of the US nation in 1782. Its majestic, royal appearance has accompanied all major national events and raised the morale ever since. Now we offer you to take a closer look both at the symbol and at the holiday, and to try to answer our gripping questions! What do bald eagles mostly feed on? Where is the bald eagle found? Who added the bald eagle to the Great Seal of the US? How often does a bald eagle change its mate? These and other questions are waiting for you to answer, so don’t hesitate to start this American Eagle Day trivia quiz without delay!

Don’t forget that the more you play the more you get! Ask your inquisitive friends to join you and play together to have more fun! Who of you is better aware of the details of the holiday and of individualities of birds themselves? How does the bald eagle tell if the food is spoiled? How long is the average life span of a bald eagle in the wild? How wide is the bald eagle's average wingspread? How did Benjamin Franklin describe the bald eagle? Take this arresting American Eagle Day quiz to find all the answers! Try other challenging quizzes prepared for you by Zadavaka like Hamburger quiz or Oceans quiz!

Celebrate the amazing bird and the role it played in the US history both as a species and as a vivid symbol of strength, longevity and beauty by playing our special American Eagle Day quiz! Play more free online trivia quizzes and receive more WisePoints!

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