Let’s try to become a bit closer to nature with this engaging Alternative Transportation quiz!

Environmental issues, such as climate disruption, and soaring fuel costs prompted the introduction of an alternative observance called Dump the Pump Day, which is celebrated on June 16. This is why we offer you to take our quiz on Alternative Transportation forms: it will not only supply you with at least 10 interesting facts, but may also make you consider a few new means of moving around! How fast can a kick scooter go? When was the rollerblade invented? In what countries are you not expected to pay for hitchhiking? How many calories per hour does biking with light effort burn? In case you’re eager to get the answers to these tricky questions dare to start our compelling Alternative Transportation quiz right now!

And what if you tried to compete with your friends and find out who of you is more knowledgeable about this intriguing topic? What forms of movements burns up to 900 calories per hour? What is the vehicle that uses two or more distinct types of power called? What self-balancing zero emissions personal transportation vehicle was launched in 2001? Start our gripping Alternative Transportation trivia quiz right now to determine the winner! Play other engrossing trivia quizzes like Awards quiz or Superstitions and Beliefs question quiz!

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