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Every January 15 inquisitive minds from all around the world celebrate Wikipedia Day to honor the most generous online source of information. How many term papers have you completed with the help of the Free Encyclopedia? How many silly bets have you won? Pay tribute to the amazing phenomenon of openly editable encyclopedia by playing our Wikipedia quiz!

  • Launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, this incredible online encyclopedia comprises 38,019,266 articles in 291 different languages. The number or articles in every language depends on the number of active speakers of it (e.g.: there are 5,055,023 articles in English and a little more than 10 in Cree – the language spoken by 117,000 people across Canada.)
  • Wikipedia is free for every user; it also has no ads. Being run by volunteers, the Free Encyclopedia pays its bills with grateful users’ donations.
  • Any user can edit Wikipedia articles, which makes the encyclopedia only 80% accurate. At one point, Wikipedia even had to ban IP addresses belonging to Congress, because its members couldn’t stop editing each other’s articles. Moreover, people tend to add and edit articles when the weather is bad; this is probably why there are many more articles in Dutch than in Spanish.
  • Wikipedia has a sister project called Wikiversity, where people cooperate to make learning more effective. You can’t graduate from it with a degree, but you can either take a course or teach one if you feel like it.
  • Wikipedia’s official song (called “Hotel Wikipedia”) is a parody of well-known “Hotel California” written and performed by the Eagles. Also referred to as “Wikipedia-oriented rock,” it contains a verse “In the dance of the pages / Editors sweat / Some change to remember / some change to forget.”
  • People are attempting to guess and even betting on what Wikipedia article will be the last to be edited. Popular guesses are “Last digit of pi” and “How to divide by zero.”
  • There is a catalogue of deleted articles with freaky titles like “List of animals with fraudulent diplomas,” “South-up map orientation,” “The role of clowns in modern society,” “Guide to blowing your nose and getting dressed,” “List of jellyfish who have stung notable people,” and, last but not least, “List of lists of lists.”
  • Wikipedia has a tradition of introducing absurd policies under ridiculous names like “No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spiderman,” “No curses,” which prohibits the use of enchantments and spells, or “No angry mastodons,” which forbids people to post or edit articles in a blaze of anger.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of this informative, yet really entertaining article! Take our Wikipedia quiz to apply all the freshly-learnt facts and score up to 500 WisePoints if you answer all the Wikipedia quiz questions correctly – a nice boost to your weekly score, isn’t it?

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