Prepare to celebrate the greatest national holiday of the United States! Share the festive mood of our Independence Day quiz with other patriot test-takers!

There is no greater pride for a true American than the pride in their country, and they really have a lot to be proud of. The United States became independent from Great Britain rule in 1776, and since that distant past the country has achieved a lot. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4 became a significant landmark in the history of the USA and the whole world, as it was the first major step made by the American people towards freedom, prosperity, and happiness. The Committee of Five, which consisted of future American Presidents and other notable people of those times, prepared a draft of the document, and in this way established the basic rules that were to give much more right and opportunities to the American nation. Start our celebratory Independence Day questions quiz and test your knowledge of the events connected with the origins and celebration of the holiday!

We’ve picked the most absorbing and thought-provoking questions for our Independence Day trivia quiz, and hope that you’ll not only be entertained, but also learn countless facts about this meaningful holiday! Which US Presidents were born and died on July 4? What is the most frequently used patriotic word in the USA? What contests and traditions are linked with the Independence Day celebration? Summon up all your knowledge and wisdom, and answer all tricky questions of our Independence Day quiz! Take other compelling quizzes connected with the US history and holidays like US Presidents quiz, George Washington quiz, or Thanksgiving trivia quiz!

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