Treat yourself to our delicious Halloween Candy quiz!

Trick-or-treating is probably one of the most pleasant Halloween traditions and is definitely the sweetest one. Millions of kids look forward to choosing their favorite Halloween costume and starting their short candy trip around the neighborhood. Do you remember your trick-or-treating times? Get a unique chance of going back to your childhood and try out yummy Halloween Candy trivia quiz right now! What candy does the slogan "Get the sensation" belong to? What is the original name of cotton candy? What were Sour Patch Kids originally shaped as? What is the best-selling Halloween candy? What is the original name of the Sugar Daddy caramel pop? Demonstrate your outstanding candy knowledge and learn more unexpected facts about well-known treats!

Invite your best friends to join you in this sweet Halloween Candy quiz challenge, too! Compete with them online and find out who of you knows the delicious candy history better! How much chocolate does a typical bag of trick-or-treat loot contain? How many licks does it take on average to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? How much did the first Hershey's bar cost? Which flavors did the original 3 Musketeers bar contained? How much candy corn is bought for Halloween? Give more correct answers and reach the top of our weekly rating! Take other intriguing quizzes like Black Friday quiz or Cookie Day trivia quiz!

Let’s start the fun right now! Win innumerable WisePoints, receive bonuses for all your friends who decide to join us, and fight for the title of the best player!

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