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Congratulations on National Cookie Day!

As we move from childhood into our mature years, holidays bring more things on our to-do lists rather than the spirit of joy and magic - buy presents, cook festive dishes, find a place for every family member… But there is one simple thing that can awaken your inner child and let you feel the Christmas-is-coming atmosphere of warmth and lightheartedness – a chocolate chip cookie (and a glass of milk, of course)!

Fun Cookie Facts:

  • Americans eat 2+ billion cookies a year, which makes it 300+ cookies for each person annually and 35,000 in a lifetime! The most popular type of cookies baked in US homes is chocolate chip; America’s favorite store-bought cookie brand is Oreo.
  • Baking can be considered an exercise, not very exhausting, though, since it can help you burn from 160 to 350 calories an hour - if you don’t forget to turn off the oven, of course! In this case you can easily burn 5,856 calories in less than 30 minutes (488 calories for each of the 12 chocolate chip cookies that fit into an average baking sheet).
  • And don’t blame yourself if you get carried away in your attempt to feel the proper Christmas spirit and eat a little bit more cookies than you planned – remember that on Christmas Eve Santa Claus eats (or at least bites into) about 336,150,386 cookies every year!

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