Black Friday now comes with a Trivia Quiz from Zadavaka!

Are you camping outside a shopping mall hoping to be the first in line to get the best deals? Or are you simply looking forward to buying holiday gifts for your friends and family at a reduced price? We have a Black Friday quiz for you to shorten the hours of waiting!

Black Friday is the most promising and misleading day of the year: on one hand, people can use it to buy presents for each and every friend and family member and save themselves the trouble of rushing about the stores doing last-minute Christmas shopping. On the other hand, people are used to believing that Black Friday deals are customer-friendly, so they don’t hesitate to buy anything that tickles their fancy – why not, especially if they are sure this purchase is a real money – if not life – saver! But prices often turn out to actually be higher than on any other day of the year! This is why we advise that you answer the questions of our Black Friday quiz to be able to take informed and wise decisions on the day.

Which shopping mall is the busiest? What is the most purchased item? When do most shops open? How many customers are popular retail chains expecting to handle? You will find answers to these and other questions in our Black Friday quiz.

Play Zadavaka’s Black Friday trivia quiz to see if you are prepared enough to hit the stores! Or take other holiday-related quizzes like our sparkling Christmas quiz or romantic St. Valentine’s Day quiz - anything that you can find in our plentiful Holidays quiz category!

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