We have interesting April Fools' Day questions for you!

Have you turned on your paranoid mode or are you looking forward to having a hearty laugh at yourself together with your friends after a prank their pulled? In either case, welcome to our April Fools’ Day quiz filled with the most hilarious jokes ever played!
The rich history of April Fools’ Day is full of shenanigans, mysteries and silly traditions. From the modern perspective, the most amazing fact is that retailers have not turned into a discount frenzy – you are not entitled to give presents or throw parties on April 1st. All you need to celebrate the day is your blooming imagination and, of course, a sense of proportion that will not let you go over the top with your prank.
Before you take the April Fools’ Day quiz, get acquainted with a bunch of fun facts and myths connected to the amusing holiday:

  • One of the hypotheses of the appearance of April Fools’ Day states that it originated in France in 1582: the country was in the process of switching from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one, which moved New Year’s Day to January 1st. But some people forgot about the fact and continued celebrating New Year on the 1st of April, only to reap a harvest of laughs and get an insulting label.
  • The traditions of April Fools’ Day jelled in England around 1700 – it was then pronounced the day of pranks and laughter. The holiday gained immense popularity within the 18th century.
  • In Scotland, the celebration of April Fools’ Day is mostly connected to pranks involving “kick me” signs put on people’s backs, or, ahem, lower backs, to be more precise.
  • Some of the best pranks assumed national or world-wide proportions. In 1957, BBC reported a record harvest of spaghetti crops gathered by Swiss farmers. In 1996, Taco Bell claimed it had purchased the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and renamed it “The Taco Liberty Bell.” In 1998, Burger King released a joking ad about the latest addition to their menu - the “Left-Handed Whopper” - that was claimed to have been created for poor left-handed people who could not enjoy the classic whopper to the full!
  • Other pranks have acquired a recurring character. Every year since 1986 newspapers release an announcement of the annual New York City April Fools' Day parade. And for 31 years already not a single parade has been held!

Whatever you read, see or hear on the 1st of April, put it under reasonable doubt and wait for 24 hours at least to find out whether it was true or not. And if you want to retreat from the unnerving jokester crowd, welcome to our April Fools’ Day quiz where being fooled only means giving a wrong answer and learning something new all the same!

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