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The decade that started on January 1, 1990 and finished on December 31, 1999 is best known by the abbreviation ‘the Nineties.’ This period was characterized by acceptance and promotion of various cultural traditions in a single community. The Nineties also saw alternative media sprout like mushrooms after the summer’s rain – they rose to challenge the set of viewpoints and beliefs promoted by the government and corporate entities. Multiple movements like hip hop and grunge infatuated young people all over the globe thanks to the development of cable TV and the Internet; world communism, on the contrary, collapsed in the first two years of the Ninety-Nineties. However, the list of significant events and trends of the period is much more extensive. Let see how much you remember about the decade of multiculturalism – just start this nostalgic 1990s trivia quiz!

History being one of the most interesting and important spheres of human knowledge, the impossibility of embracing the whole decade in a single 20-question’s quiz in full is really disappointing. We tried though to squeeze as many interesting facts and memorable dates into this 1990s quiz to make it as entertaining and edifying as a quiz can be! Try answering all of the questions correctly to prove you are a true history expert (no matter how recent this history is!)

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