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Better known by the abbreviation the “Eighties,” the decade that lasted from January 1, 1980 till December 31, 1989 saw great advances in genetic and digital technology that brought about impressive socioeconomic change. The era of globalization began: the concept of the World Wide Web was formalized by 1989; television became a common convenience in the Third World. Animal experimentation was started to be replaced by human tests. Reproductive technologies made it possible for women to become biological mothers without actually being pregnant. Many things we take for granted today originated from the 1980s. Would you like to check if you know whom you should give kudos to for all of them? Play our edifying 1980s trivia quiz to put your knowledge of the past to test!

No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to make an attempt to squeeze a whole decade into a couple dozen of trivia questions, but we thought we just had to give it a shot! Answer questions about 1980s policies, economic changes, inventions, celebrities, popular trends and life-changing discoveries! See how well you remember the times that seem so close – play Zadavaka’s 1980s quiz!

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