How well do you know the history of the 1970s? Take Zadavaka's new 1970s trivia quiz to find out!

Commonly abbreviated as the “Seventies,” the 1970s were a time period of pivotal importance for the world history. The decade saw the growth of progressive social values like political awareness and economic liberty of women, resulting in the presence and rise of a significant number of women in the position of heads of states and governments in many countries around the globe. However, many of the industrialized countries had to deal with the economic recession caused by the oil crisis, which brought space exploration to a halt. But the financial complications ushered in a new attitude that celebrated individualism as opposed to communitarianism of the 1960s. Moreover, scientists made a number of important inventions and discoveries than now seem to have existed forever, like the cell phone, email communication, audio players, etc. If you can add a lot to the list of noteworthy events, discoveries and trends of the Seventies, then our 1970s trivia quiz will help you win a wealth of WisePoints!

No one can jam a whole decade into the 20 questions of a trivia quiz, but we sure made an honest attempt! Here you’ll find questions about the 1970s history, trends, achievements, and, of course, prominent historical figures. Put your knowledge of 1970s music, 1970s fashion and 1970s inventions to test by playing Zadavaka’s 1970s trivia quiz!

We are determined to develop a quiz devoted to every decade since the beginning of the 20th century. Right now you can enjoy 1960s trivia quiz, but in a few weeks you’ll be able to learn the history of the whole century by playing decade quizzes we are going to create! So, arm yourself with patience and play our 1970s trivia quiz to while away the time till the next popular history quiz! Play quizzes, pile up heaps of WisePoints, climb to the top of the weekly rating and admire all the badges you get in the process!

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