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The 1960s is one of the most eventful decades in the whole 20 century. Better known as the Sixties, the ten-year span introduced a complex of cultural and political trends that quickly gained momentum and spread all over the globe. It was the time of bright academic achievements and revolutionary civil rights changes, the era of freedom bordering on social order decay and scientific breakthroughs. The Sixties saw mankind make a giant leap that enabled a man to make a small step on the Moon’s surface; they saw relaxation of social taboos in almost every sphere of life and culture in particular. Skirts and swimsuits became smaller, but dreams grew bigger. If you witnessed the time, if you remember the decade just like it was yesterday or just have heard and read many things about it, then our new 1960s quiz questions will ring lots of bells!

It is impossible to embrace the whole decade in a 20-question’s quiz, but we made an honest attempt of including a significant bit of history touching upon every aspect of human life and work: politics and wars, civil movements and environment awareness, music industry and cinematography, science, art, fashion, and television. Take the great chance to get nostalgic or learn heaps of new facts with our 1960s trivia quiz!

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