Welcome to our tough 1950s trivia quiz designed for the true worshippers of that uneasy decade!

The 1950s are known as a difficult age of recovery from the agonies of World War II, and the beginning of an even more difficult period of Cold War that led to a continuous confrontation of the Soviet Union and the United States. Marked by severe conflicts between great global powers, the decade also saw lots of positive milestone events like the start of the Space Race that resulted in fast development of rocket technology, decolonization of Africa and Asia, discovery of DNA, and introduction of Lego bricks! People began to forget the hardships they had to endure in tragic 1940s and made a big step towards a better and safer life; they were ready to protect their rights and to prove that a human being is able not only to fight and to hide, but to invent, to discover, to develop, to create, to dream, and to help the dreams of other people come true. Take this engrossing 1950s trivia quiz, and immerse yourself in the magic atmosphere of new resurgent world!

For our 1950s quiz we’ve managed to compile the most gripping, provocative, exotic, and remarkable facts that will surely keep your curiosity alert, and won’t let you get distracted from the game. Call to your mind the fatal circumstances that caused Korean War, learn more about the mysterious Space Age, and share your knowledge of other important events that took part in this decade in our cosmic 1950 trivia game! Try other compelling historical Quizzes of the Week like 1960s quiz, 1970s quiz, or 1980s quiz!

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