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The era of the 1930s can be called a period of changes that later on produced a great impact on all spheres of human life – employment, everyday life, education, living standards, and many others. The decade is currently known as the darkest time of the Great Depression, the age of Nazi coming to power in Germany, the period when almost every year was marked by an outstanding and important invention or discovery. We’ve tried to compile the most unbelievable, startling, interesting, and breathtaking facts for this 1930s quiz to help you not only spend time with pleasure, but also expand your knowledge and recollect the most significant facts of the world history! Sound movies and cartoons replaced silent ones; radio telescope, neoprene, nylon, photocopier, and many other useful things that we can’t imagine our life without appeared in the 1930s. Check if you know enough about this time period to pass our 1930s trivia quiz successfully!

This 1930s trivia game is designed for the players who believe that they are real experts in the history of the 20th century. The questions that we’ve prepared will make you summon up your thoughts and guess the origins of the Great Depression, the tragic events that led to World War II, as well as some relevant factors that prompted the invention and production of numerous helpful devices and materials. Try other compelling historical Quizzes of the Week like 1940s question quiz, 1960s trivia quiz, or 1980s quiz!

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