Explore the far days of distant and mysterious past with this new gripping 1900s questions quiz!

The opening decade of the 20th century was incredibly rich in both significant historic events and revolutionary inventions and discoveries that were destined to change traditional ways forever. World wars and the horrors they brought were still to come, and people in most parts of our planet experienced the period of relative stability and peace, although sometimes interrupted by violent outbreaks of epidemics and fatal natural disasters. The Nobel Prize that was first awarded in 1901 prompted the development of science and technology which, in its turn, brought about the improvement of life quality. Try our memorable 1900s trivia quiz and check if you can call yourself a true specialist in the history of the past century!

Our team has made up this thought-provoking 1900s quiz for you to learn more about the well-known events that we’ve all been taught at school, and to prove that your good memory and genuine curiosity are able to help you cope with the trickiest questions! Let’s guess together the name of the British queen that used to be the longest-reigning UK monarch, find out what war started in 1904, and learn what mysterious explosion happened in Russia in 1908. Don’t be afraid of tough questions, as there are no unsolvable tasks for the truly inquisitive players! Play more historical Quizzes of the Week like 1980s question quiz, 1950s trivia quiz, or 1920s quiz!

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