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Welcome to the Quiz of the Week! This is the finest selection of versatile trivia quizzes timed to various holidays and events, both important and funny! Every quiz consists of 20 questions, so that you could solve it in no time, besides, you will immediately see the total number of questions you answered correctly, the percentage of correct answers and get a grade from the little wise monster himself! It will be quite a challenge to score 100% of correct answers, because Zadavaka enjoys asking and answering tricky questions more than anything else! He knows that anything you got dirt cheap will not be as valuable for your personal development as the things that made you take an effort and rack your brain. Are you on tiptoes with curiosity already? Then jump at the opportunity to choose any of the fun and puzzling quizzes and spruce up your wisdom!

Raise your data privacy awareness with our actionable advice and informative quiz questions in Data Privacy Day quiz! Get prepared to get the bargain of your life during the next season of special offers and discounts with our Black Friday trivia quiz! Learn why hugs are so important that some people started offering them to strangers with our National Hug Day quiz! Prepare a glass of milk and a plateful of your favorite cookie goodness to enjoy while answering quiz questions on Cookie Day! Admire the inventions of the Fathers of modern aviation while navigating through the questions devoted to the Wright Brothers Day!

There is - and will be - much more to our Quizzes of the Week! Drop by any time, answer questions, take full quizzes, get immediate results and enjoy feeling your wisdom gain weight!

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