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Sometimes it may be unclear what a soundtrack actually is and in what way it’s different from a song, a piece of music, or other well-known musical forms. In fact, the explanation is rather simple – a soundtrack is music that accompanies some movies, TV shows, video games, etc. Our Soundtracks question quiz is devoted to the most famous soundtracks ever known, their authors and performers, the importance of a soundtrack for the popularity of the film or the game it’s written for, and many other interesting and amusing issues connected with this topic. In many cases the most recognized soundtracks come from Hollywood films and are created by eminent composers and songwriters, like OST for James Bond series or Lord of the Rings trilogy, and are performed by outstanding singers like Adele or Annie Lennox. But today video game soundtracks are highly popular too, and for some games like Final Fantasy they are even released in a separate music album. Start this riveting Soundtracks quiz and find out more intriguing facts about this specific kind of music!

Our Soundtracks trivia game concerns every possible type of soundtrack recordings, including some questions about soundtrack albums, musical film soundtracks, and even quite uncommon book soundtracks. Learn more about theme music and theme songs, guess the most celebrious soundtrack composers and performers, and be ready to have a great fun with these Soundtracks questions! Take our Famous singers quiz or Music Awards question quiz to try your hand at other games about music!

Don’t hesitate and start this easy online Soundtracks trivia quiz right away! Have a lot of fun, score thousands of WisePoints and be ready to surprise other players with your immense range of knowledge!

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