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George Michael, a world-famous British singer, unexpectedly died in 2016 at the age of 53. Despite his being a rather controversial figure he was loved and respected by many people both in the UK and in the whole world. Let’s recollect the brightest, most outstanding and most memorable events connected to Michael and music band Wham! that brought him to fame and play this melodic George Michael questions quiz! How many records did George Michael sell worldwide? How many number one singles in the UK did George Michael garner? How many Brit Awards did George Michael win? What was George Michael's first tour in 15 years called? How old was George Michael when he died? Start this George Michael trivia quiz to learn how many correct answers you give!

Would you like to share the joy of the game with your friends? Then invite them to participate in George Michael quiz right now! What was the first single from George Michael's debut solo album Faith? What song by George Michael was a wedding gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton? How many studio albums did George Michael release while a member of Wham!? Why was George Michael banned from driving? What is George Michael's real last name? What is George Michael's famous Christmas song? Give more correct answers to become one of our top players! Try other music quizzes by Zadavaka like Madonna quiz or Michael Jackson trivia quiz!

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