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Rapping, scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing have long become a part of our culture. Chanted rhyming lyrics flow out from each and every radio and TV set. All at once, it seems to have become a trend. Some people find rap music to be hardcore street music, some say it’s the most innovative music form; others criticize it for being “fast food” for our ears. However, you can hardly find a person who is totally indifferent to rap. Legendary Kurt Cobain once said, “Rap music is the only vital form of music introduced since punk rock”. So, let’s draw a deep breath of fresh air right now, and taste new, original rhymes and themes! Take our Rap questions quiz today!

You will certainly find our Rap quiz questions fascinating because they touch upon various topics. You will recall legendary rappers and prominent stages of their lives, most popular songs and, naturally, the history of hip hop culture. Answering our Rap question quiz you will easily visualize yourself as a famous rapper; just feel the beat and listen to the music of streets!

Don’t waste time; let’s play! Take our Rap question quiz and start our most interesting and absorbing battle for WisePoints! Test your knowledge and become the top player of the week!

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