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Country music originated in the USA almost a century ago and since then has won the love and devotion of millions of Americans. Although country music has greatly evolved since then it’s still in our hearts with numerous young singers like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood continuing the traditions of the genre today. Let’s recollect the legends of country music and learn more surprising facts about it in this Country Music trivia quiz! Who made the first recording of country music? Who is known as the Father of Country Music? What famous singer started as a country singer? What was considered as the most important source of entertainment in the second generation of country music? What was the period of the third generation of country music? What city is considered the home of commercial country music? Quiz your music smarts and dig deeper in the history of your nation!

We bet there are a couple friends of yours who’d like to put their knowledge of country music to test, too. Why wait? Invite them to participate in this Country Music questions quiz right away and find out who of you can be called a true music fan! What American industrialist invested much money to promote country music in the 1920s? Who helped re-brand the type of music to Country music in the 1940s? Where is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum situated? Who was the only woman in history to be inducted into both the Country Music and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame? Try these questions and take other music-based quizzes like Singers quiz or 80s Music quiz!

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