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All of us try ourselves in making art. However, there are few of us who are able to create masterpieces or can express feelings through written musical notation. Classic Western music tradition originates from the medieval Catholic Church music. The first musical notations of the unknown author were found in one of monasteries in France and now are kept at a museum. Since that time rules of music-making have changed many times, nowadays there probably no rules in composition at all. We hear a wind breeze, a waterfall, birds singing and sound of rain in music of the greatest and the most inspired composers, and we admire works of the greatest composers for their ability to awaken all our senses and inspire us. If you like Classical music, and you have listened to a lot of the very best works of the most known composers, you should do quite well with our Composers quiz.

Are you able to select a correct answer about famous composers like Rimskij-Korsakov or Strauss and their classical works? Who of the greatest German composers of all times was deaf? What are the features of Baroque music? Test your knowledge of the greatest composers and a rich variety of their masterpieces with Composers quiz questions to show off your taste in music!

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