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There are numerous popular awards, but Grammy Award is certainly among the best-known ones and is surely the most notable music award in the world. The greatest achievements in musical sphere are recognized and praised during Grammy Awards ceremonies, and the most famous celebrities are asked to visit this annual event. Graceful ladies in trendy gowns and handsome men in smart suits and tuxedos walk the red carpet followed by dozens of photographers and journalists. Grammy is not a simple music ceremony – this is an international music show that makes millions of people sit with their eyes fixed on their TV sets for several hours. Established more than half a century ago, Grammy is one of the oldest entertainment musical awards too. And now it’s high time we invited you to check your knowledge of music history reflected in this world-known award and try our Grammy trivia game!

The following Grammy quiz questions comprise multiple facts connected with the award. You may try strength in questions concerning Grammy nominations and nominees, the history of the ceremony, music stars that participated in the ceremony, and many other ones! Start the Grammy questions quiz right now and you will see how fascinating it is!

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