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Welcome to our compelling and intriguing Music Awards trivia quiz!

There are some music awards that are known by everyone, like MTV Video Music Award, Grammy Award or Brit Awards. But apart from these popular events there are a number of less famous ones that are nevertheless very significant for the participants. Each country is extensively proud of its singers, songwriters, and music video directors and is willing to reward them for their great contribution to music history and development. Akil Koci Prize in Albania, ARIA Music Awards in Australia, Golden Globes in Portugal, Echo in Germany – there are dozens of awards presented to commemorate the most outstanding works and performances of the most distinguished musicians. For our Music Awards question quiz we have tried to choose the best and the most engaging questions dedicated not only to encourage your curiosity, but to entertain you as well!

The questions included into this Music Awards trivia game are not only about the music ceremonies held in different countries. They are also devoted to the establishment of the awards, their history, nominees and nominations, unexpected triumphs and crushing defeats. These Music Awards quiz questions are undoubtedly going to amuse you with some astonishing and funny facts.

So if you consider yourself a music fan, don’t waste time and try your hand at this delightful Music Awards quiz! Hurry up and answer the questions as quickly as possible to win more WisePoints and beat other players!

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