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The 1990s in music is a time of experiments with sound, genre, and different effects. Old music styles gave way to new music genres which popularity is at the peak at 1990s – house music (techno) and hip-hop. The 1990s raised the best musicians: Nirvana captured 1990s angst like no one else, while No Doubt made us all wish we were young and free. And, of course, we remember the youngest and prettiest stars of that time – Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and others. There were the gorgeous divas – Mariah, Whitney, Celine, and the vigorous and charming boy bands. No matter what genre – rock, pop, techno, country – the music of 1990s is just unforgettable. Does your music knowledge go back to a time of mixtapes, CDs and grunge, various music videos and styles? Let’s move to that time with our Music of 1990s quiz questions!

Here's your chance to test your musical knowledge! We have questions about virtually every aspect of music of 1990s! You’ll also see questions about the music styles and popular music albums from around the globe. Famous and infamous facts about musicians and their masterpieces are also explored. Challenge yourself to them to see how you get on in our 90s Music quiz!

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