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To Zadavaka, music is something totally new – he’s known only the noises of outer space and the humming of Hitromudrian hymns. He was trying to sort through various styles, genres, epochs, numerous composers and musicians when he came across the wonderful foot tapping disco music and saw the beautiful glittery mirror ball – Zadavaka was smitten by the combination! But he is sure there is much more to this music! “Remember the good old 1980s? When things were so uncomplicated? I wish I could go back there again. And everything could be the same” - Electric Light Orchestra sang. Whatever your 1980s, no one can deny that this period of time is linked to numerous music discoveries from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Bon Jovi and Duran Duran. Whether the songs of 1980s were the background music to your youth or just the music on the soundtracks to your parents’ favorite movies, the 1980s will still go down in the history of modern culture as the most varied, multi-genre and eclectic decade. From music genres and directions to the most famous singers and their greatest hits, take a sonic journey through the world of 1980s with our Music of 1980s quiz questions!

What is New Wave? Who invented a revolutionary type of music videos? What continent’s music influenced America’s to the most in 1980s? Create an atmosphere of those times: put on “The Best Hits of 1980s”, crank the volume up, and maybe it will help you in finding the right answers to our 80s Music quiz!

If you are a pop music addict or a Rock-n-Roll buff, our Music quiz questions will put you in touch with your music lover side!

Play all categories or choose one of them to put your smarts to the test, score WisePoints and became one of our top chart quizzers!

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