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According to the Wikipedia, Hollywood is just “…a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles”, that has no unusual landscapes, no unique weather conditions, no anomalies in there. Why then has it been so popular since the beginning of 20th century? At that time Hollywood was a place where motion picture patents could not be enforced and filmmakers were free to make their art there. In addition, all we know that the weather conditions are comfortable in there and this is a big plus for those who want to invite whimsical movie stars to take part in the film. Well, Hollywood has been the headquarters and the capital of the U.S. film industry. How many Hollywood facts do you know? For example, do you know that almost all movies, TV series and even documentaries are made in the same place and sometimes at the same time? If you consider yourself as a motion picture industry connoisseur play our famous Hollywood quiz to prove yourself!

It is your time to shine! What is the Classical Hollywood cinema? And narrative? Who received the star on the Walk of Fame first? If you know Hollywood trivia from the most famous movies and actors to the biggest budgets and scandals this quiz is perfect for you to show off your knowledge on the U.S. film industry!

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