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A Hollywood movie about the United Kingdom mostly filmed in Germany – V for Vendetta never stops to surprise its viewers and has been acclaimed as a success by its huge audience. V and Evey, the central characters of the film, are not a romantic couple, although they could be one. They’re lonely people who have their special aims in life – to revenge and to stop being afraid. As the movie goes on, these two personalities become closer and are able to give each other many things they lack – kindness, strength, courage and freedom. This is a symbolic movie that will leave no one indifferent but will definitely leave a bittersweet aftertaste. Try this V for Vendetta trivia quiz and check how well you remember the events and the characters of the film and details of its production! Who acquired the rights to V for Vendetta in the mid-1990s? Who made his directorial debut with the 2006 film V for Vendetta? In V for Vendetta, how much time did it take to build the dominoes? What actor was cast as V in V for Vendetta but left the film six weeks into production? Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the legendary dystopian thriller!

Is there anyone you’d like to share your thoughts about the movie with? Then invite them to try this V for Vendetta questions quiz right now! What is the climax of V for Vendetta movie? How much money did V for Vendetta cost to make? In V for Vendetta, what letter is hidden everywhere? In V for Vendetta, what are the secret police called? What rose cultivar is mentioned in V for Vendetta? How many correct answers are you able to give? Start the quiz right away and find it out! Take other Movie quizzes like Harry Potter quiz or Back to the Future trivia quiz!

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